Bamboo Grove Creative

The Sages

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Bamboo Grove Creative was founded in 2012, but existed centuries before. Many moons ago, a group of Chinese scholars, writers, and musicians retreated to a Bamboo Grove to share their works free from the oppressive Jin Dynasty. Today, these Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove symbolize and inspire us to create without limits and forge our own path. We are always expanding our creative outlets and discovering new ways to innovate our process of delivering compelling and engaging content, and The Grove is where we share it to the world.



Our Team

Here at Bamboo Grove Creative, our Sages are the heart of the company. They breathe life into each project that comes our way and are masters at their crafts. Get to know our small, yet incredibly talented team below.


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Founder of Bamboo Grove Creative, Anthony Anderson is the leading force that propels us forward. He has over 20 years of industry experience in producing and crafting TV and Radio campaigns. A jack of all trades, no task is ever too daunting. 

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Classically trained in Marketing at A&M, Robby Young is our analytical mastermind and resident gear-head. He specializes in I.T. systems and research analysis. Constantly in the know, Robby helps us stay at the forefront of the newest technology.

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Specializing in Digital and Print design, Steven Maya is a creative genius and passionate visionary at heart. He is continuously refining our perspective and  provides us with innovative ideas. This cool cat is tenacious about living in the future to achieve our goals.

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Boldly original, Josh Osgood is a formally trained audio engineer and talented musician. He is a rising Dallas artist who has been playing for over a decade all over north Texas. This hat-wearing, royal beardsman provides us comedic relief from the grind and burdens of daily life.